Why Accountability Matters

Every fire department is being tasked with increased accountability. Not only does this relate to the time a Fire Chief and his administrative team spend on documentation, but it adds additional work at the station level. Fire officers are spending … Read More

Great Comments: Improvements for FireJournal™

A big shout out to the fire officers from across the U.S. (and a few in international space, too) that have been sharing their thoughts on improvements to FireJournal™. The entire version 1.X version is designed to be used, enjoyed, … Read More

Even Mobile Devices Can Be Impacted by the Heartbleed Bug

Did you know? Mobile devices affected by the heartbleed bug are everywhere. The now notorious heartbleed bug affects any Internet related device, not just servers. To that end, you should be aware of how this bug may impact your use of the Internet via a mobile device, such as a phone. As just one example, users of Cisco servers/apps may be exposed to the bug. Here is a quick rundown, thanks to security provider SilverSky and Singlehop: … Read More

The Heartbleed Bug Can Ruin Your Day

[ updated 4/11/14 ] Many of our clients are interested in fighting the “heartbleed bug.” Is this something you need to take seriously? If so, how should you manage your actions? First of all, what is the heartbleed bug?  The Heartbleed … Read More

FireJournal in Final Beta Test Mode

The final BETA of FireJournal has been released to our testing cadre. FireJournal is the first and perhaps most important iOS app for first responders. The days of manual journals are coming to a close, notably as municipalities demand more … Read More

Apple iOS 8 Preview – HealthBook

One thing that doesn’t stand still in the world of Apple is evolution of its mobile operating system. Apple is beginning to take the healthcare market very seriously. In the next release of the wildly popular iOS (we think it … Read More

FireJournal Roadmap – An All New Experience

Now that several thousand fire officers are using FireJournal LITE, it’s time to update you on what’s coming… A completely new environment that is the result your feedback and the needs of the fire service. FireJournal is a new way … Read More

The iPad is not a good ePCR Device – Not Yet!

As first responder agencies become excited about the prospect of a lower cost device for managing patient care records, there are a number of things to consider prior to making the leap. While excellent in many fire and EMS technology … Read More

iPad Takes on a Tough Case

Fire departments are showing an increasing interest in the iPad. It’s instant-on, rapid response, and low cost are all attractive factors when considering new technology. At the same time, understanding the durability of the iPad has raised some eyebrows. They … Read More

Making the Case for the iPad in the Fire Service

There is an ongoing discussion about the value and real capability for the iPad in the Fire Service. Some agencies are fearful of making big changes quickly, and the iPad represents a significant shift from traditional PC/toughbook style applications. Others … Read More