iPad Takes on a Tough Case

Fire departments are showing an increasing interest in the iPad. It’s instant-on, rapid response, and low cost are all attractive factors when considering new technology. At the same time, understanding the durability of the iPad has raised some eyebrows. They are not as durable as a Panasonic Toughbook, for example. So, what can a fire department do if they wish to protect their investment?

As it turns out, there are a wealth of secure cases available for the iPad. Let’s quickly evaluate some of them.

Otterbox Defender iPad case
The Defender series by Otterbox has a solution for the iPadand iPad mini. It comes with a padded-foam interior that absorbs shock while the screen protector makes sure that the tablet’s display remains free of cracks and scratches. The accessory comes in three different colors and is priced at $69.95

Moxiware Tank waterproof iPad case
If money isn’t a problem, you can waterproof your iPad with the Tank case by Moxiware. The accessory is designed to exceed military specifications, meaning that neither water, nor dust, nor dirt, nor shock can damage the tablet easily. This kind of protection, however, comes at a cost – $399.95.

The Hardcandy Shockdrop
With a layer of 10-millimeter shock-absorbing silicon at its corners, the Shockdrop iPad case by Hard Candy offers outstanding protection for your pricey gadget. At the same time, the iPad display is guarded by a replaceable, semi-rigid screen protector. The retail price is $59.95.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio iPad case
At $89.99, the Extreme Portfolio for iPad by G-Form doesn’t come cheap, but the protection that it offers is almost unbeatable. The special shock-absorbing material that is it utilizes is flexible under normal conditions, but strengthens when force is applied.

Roklock iPad case
The Roklock iPad case gets its strength from the reinforced, impact-resistant polycarbonate it is made out of. It also comes with a screen protector to match. It is priced at $69, and for an extra $29 you can get a magnet kit that will make the tablet stick to metal surfaces.

Ballistic Tough Jacket iPad mini case
The Ballistic Tough Jacket case for the iPad mini ensures the safety of your tablet with its three layers of protection. Extra shock-absorbing material is fitted on those vulnerable corners, and a front cover attachment protects the screen while the iPad mini is being carried. This tough iPad mini case can be yours for $59.99.

Griffin Survivor iPad case
Without a doubt, the Survivor is the toughest iPad case that Griffin has ever made. It is meant to meet military specs for dirt, sand, water and shock damage, along with other environmental factors. It is built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame dipped in shock-absorbing silicone. It comes in multiple color configurations and can be yours for $79.99.

Trident Kraken iPad mini case
Here’s an unusually tough iPad mini case, this time from Trident. The Kraken, as it is called, is made out of shock-absorbing material layered on top of a hardened protective shell. There’s a built-in screen protector as well, and plugs are present to cover all of the device’s openings. The Trident Kraken is available in 5 different colors and costs $59.95

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