Fire Journal Version 5 is Now Available

Fire Journal, version 5 is now available for download from the Apple App store. This new version has been completed rewritten from the ground up, using the latest development tools from Apple and other tech publishers. 

Fire Journal, version 5 is also updated to focus on the daily activities of both volunteer and career firefighters. From managing a daily schedule, to tracking incidents, engagement with the community, risk reduction, and special projects (such a promotional study), Fire Journal V5 has evolved to be more about a firefighting career – and that evolution is based on the terrific feedback from firefighter users. 

Fire Journal continues to be a FREE application. In addition, 24/7/365 online support continues to be included, also at no cost. An in-app purchase subscription, called Fire Journal Membership adds auto sync/backup capabilities, as well as advanced reporting, search, calendaring, and operational management capabilities. 

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David Barrett

David Barrett

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