About PureCommand

About Us

Everything we do and develop is to make life safer and easier for our first responders.

Creating Something Good Following Disaster

After the disaster of 9/11/2001, a Los Angeles based physician and software developer, George Rajacich decided he wanted to do something about supporting first responders with new tools and capabilities. The next step was to build a development team, and following several exploratory steps, he partnered with long time software developer R/com Studios, LLC to create both mobile and cloud based software solutions.

Today, PureCommand develops software and provides services that benefit first responders. Dr. Rajacich continues to believe that serving first responders is an important step in supporting the public as well. For his dedication to firefighter readiness, the Los Angeles City Fire Department honored Dr. Rajacich with an honorary fire chief award.

Our Focus

The focus is on moving the fire service forward using technology and adopting nationally recognized standards (such as NIMS and NFIRS), and making access and use of those technologies more widely available, and easier to use, regardless of the size and complexity of the agency involved. This commitment to improving the outcomes for firefighters in prevention, health, and outcomes remain the core values of PureCommand, LLC.

Our Vision

We knew a change needed to be made for the better, so we set out on a mission with overall directives that were very specific. 

The software must be easy to use for all firefighters

The software must change the metric of cost, performance, & support

The user must benefit in an immediate (life safety) manner

The solutions must evolve quicker than a wind driven wildfire

The best solutions for fire officers, fire station management, and fire departments.

The app is FREE to both career and volunteer fire officers.