Fire Journal Membership

Membership and all its benefits.

Supercharge Fire Journal with our cloud-based membership subscription. Implement seamless auto-sync with devices, auto scalability and nearly unlimited server-side storage. All for pennies on the dollar. 

Penny wise. Dollar brilliant.

What other databases charge multi-bucks for, Fire Journal membership delivers for, on average $0.03 per GB.** 

Journal/Incident Backup

Every Fire incident is recorded, categorized, and mapped.

Secure, Data Reliant Compliance

Each call for service becomes a journal entry, and is mapped.

Manage Forms and Data

Manage the call and journal data from your district.

Accurate Form Generation

Create sharable PDFs for NFIRS, ICS214, and CRR. Fast. Easy. Accurate.

Send to NFIRS

Export reports that may then be updated to the NFIRS database.

Create Multiple Reports

With all the data provided, determine the call trend in your district.

Any Entry. Any Time. Any Place.

Perfectly In Sync.

60 Days to Test it. FREE.

Fire Journal membership is a new way of managing data, so we want you to be confident it will serve your needs. To do that, we’re providing a 90 day trial period for FREE! Try it, share data, sync data, and export forms. If it isn’t a good fit, cancel at any time during the trial period. Once you subscribe, every update is included, at no additional charge. 


We understand you may have questions about Membership or how Fire Journal can be used in your fire station. We’ve developed an ever-expanding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to provide answers.