PureCommand Announces Station Command™

PureCommand, the highly regarded public safety provider of technology today announced Station Command™. Station Command opens a new era in managing fire stations – both for career and volunteer fire departments. Fire department management software has traditionally been very expensive, often costing tens of thousands or even a million dollars or more to implement and manage. Station Command breaks the cost barrier – and when pricing is announced in the fall of 2021, fire departments will be jumping for joy – as the price for a single station will fall well below the $500 price point. 

Most importantly, Station Command will broadly expand the management of a fire station. Using a combination of the Apple iPad and a Mac or Windows compatible web browser, it offers multi-user file management, a first for a product in this price range. As an example, if a fire station has three working shifts (A Platoon, B Platoon, and C Platoon), and station administrator (who sets up the system) may invite the station commander from each shift to “join” the station’s Station Command system. All three officers can start and end shifts, turning command over from one officer to the next. If you are assigned to a “big house” with multiple companies, any number of officers can be invited to join and participate. 

Each officer can manage the day’s activities, including journal entries, incident calls for service, apparatus status, firefighter status (who’s working today), and much more. Journal entries can be shared with an administration, Division, Battalion, or whomever the station commander needs to share data with. 

When the administration needs information on a past incident, finding that incident, related notes, photos, etc. is a snap – using any modern web browser, just look up the incident date and number, and forward the entire information file to the requesting party. 

Station Command will also allow you to manage the status of your apparatus (front line, reserve, or out of service), the experience and availability of your firefighters, as well as each member’s specialties, training, and fitness. 

Station Command will be available in the fall of 2022.

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