FireJournal Roadmap – An All New Experience

Now that several thousand fire officers are using FireJournal LITE, it’s time to update you on what’s coming… A completely new environment that is the result your feedback and the needs of the fire service.

FireJournal is a new way to manage a fire company commander’s day. It is literally a fire journal. Unlike typical iOS notepads or journals, FireJournal is designed specifically for the fire service. It will mark the beginning of a mew paradigm for collecting and analyzing data.

How often have you written in a journal, filled the book up, and then put it in a drawer or on a shelf? How often has your department’s legal rep called you and asked that you retrieve incident 1234 from July of 2012 for litigation purposes? And, how long did it take you to find the material? Once you found it, how did you get that material to your legal rep?

FireJournal is your partner in managing the day to day operations of a fire station.

Every journal entry can be categorized. Create separate entries for incidents and daily activities. Create tags for easy searches, Add photos to supplement your journal entries. And, as time goes by add multiple forms, including but not limited to inspection forms, ICS forms, apparatus maintenance forms, discipline forms, and much more.

FireJournal’s data has been carefully designed to utilize very little storage space in your iPad. Store literally tens of thousands of entries on a typical iPad with 32GB of storage. And, migrate those entries whenever you want to an online storage system. All data is automatically backed up via a sync process to a HIPAA compliant cloud-based storage system. The optional web-based “management” solution adds the ability to manage reports, create printed documents (from your iPad forms), and to evaluate the history of your journal entries.

Each incident and NFIRS form is tracked and shown on the built-in mapping system. Evaluate your past emergency responses and begin to see how trends appear. This can help you determine staffing or availability of apparatus to respond to incidents more rapidly and with more positive outcomes.

FireJournal is just the first step in the data management process for the fire service. A family of applications is in development that will link fire company commanders with incident commanders. Battalion and Division commanders will be able to review the data gathered by any fire station instantly. Entire battalions incident and journal entries can be reviewed, sorted, and analyzed.

Mapping will also evolve to enable you to add KML and KMZ files, including overlays for hydrants, council districts, fire districts, and more (you create the data, and FireJournal will read it in) – the web-based management system will be required for this functionality.

And, when legal calls, a simple search will bring up the entry in question, and it can be emailed to the legal rep. All in just a few seconds. We’ll be sharing a lot more about FireJournal and how you and your fire station will benefit from its ease of use and data management.

FireJournal will be available this spring.

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