FireJournal in Final Beta Test Mode

The final BETA of FireJournal has been released to our testing cadre. FireJournal is the first and perhaps most important iOS app for first responders. The days of manual journals are coming to a close, notably as municipalities demand more accountability from police and fire agencies.

FireJournal is the foundation upon a suite of fire agency software. Managing a fire company involves a lot of information. From hiring to maintenance to drilling and prevention, a fire company commander spends his/her day making decisions and accounting for them. FireJournal makes it easy. The app is designed to enable a fully functional journaling system — managing daily activities as well as incident reporting. The ability to create fire prevention forms, NFIRS reports, and other ongoing daily activities is just part of what FireJournal excels at.

The app should clear BETA status in late April and be available in early May.

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Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

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