Drones Are Ready for the Fire Service

Critical incidents require accurate and rapidly conveyed information. First on-scene commanders will often get an initial size-up, but it’s often five to ten minutes after arrival that the overall situation becomes clear. Getting accurate information could be made more readily … Read More

Are You Affected By the Adobe Security Breach?

Do you use an Adobe product? Photoshop? Premiere? Illustrator? Have you ever registered online or purchased cloud-based services from Adobe? If so, you could be one of the up to 38 million users who are affected by the theft of … Read More

Online Training Helps With Fire Prevention Readiness

A new opportunity for fire professionals and volunteers to improve their fire prevention readiness was launched this week. The Online Training Program Helps Fire and Emergency Services Engage Multicultural Communities Partnering For Prevention, was developed by nonprofit FIRE 20/20. The … Read More

The Changing World of the Fire Service

The operational and management of a modern fire service organization is rapidly changing. What was once considered evolution is now being pushed aside by demands from the public and politicians, and in the midst of these operational and cultural changes, … Read More

Survey Results for Firefighters and Tablets

Our latest survey results are in… Every 90 days, we offer first responders the opportunity to share their interests and demonstrate how they are using technology. This is very important for our team, as we learn more each calendar quarter … Read More

Some Neat Tricks for Those That Upgrade to iOS 7

Now that iOS 7 is being rapidly implemented as the “go-to” operating system for Apple iPhones and other iOS devices, it’s time to talk about some of the neat things you can do with iOS7. These tips are of particular … Read More

Rim Fire Crews Helped by National Guard Drone

The dangerous and enormous¬†Rim Fire on the western boundary of Yosemite National Park is finally slowing and fire officials believe they will have containment in the near future. One of the factors in getting a handle on such a large … Read More

Update on FireJournal Road Map

The evolution of FireJournal is continuing on time and schedule. As per our previous posts, PureCommand is working diligently to move FireJournal from a tool that invites first responders to learn about the potential for incident and journal management to … Read More

SF Fire Bans Helmet Cams After Airliner Crash

In an oddly timed move, San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White has extended the Department’s ban on video cameras to those used as “helmet cams” by firefighters. The move comes after a SFFD Battalion Chief’s helmet cam imagery was shared … Read More

American Airlines Flys the iPad

American Airlines has completed deploying iPads to every aircraft in its fleet, according to a press release by the company. More than 8,000 tablets have been issued to pilots and trainers as a replacement for their earlier paper-based flight bags, … Read More