Introducing FireJournal™ Version 2.0

We’re pleased to be introducing FireJournal™ version 2.0 today. This is an important new release for users and for the Fire Journal app itself. This update is a result of some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from firefighters. … Read More

The Changing World of the Fire Service

The operational and management of a modern fire service organization is rapidly changing. What was once considered evolution is now being pushed aside by demands from the public and politicians, and in the midst of these operational and cultural changes, … Read More

Rim Fire Crews Helped by National Guard Drone

The dangerous and enormous Rim Fire on the western boundary of Yosemite National Park is finally slowing and fire officials believe they will have containment in the near future. One of the factors in getting a handle on such a large … Read More

Maintaining Company Integrity

 Maintaining integrity with your crew is essential to firefighter safety. Personnel Accountability (PAR) and Company Accountability (CAR) are mainstream fundamentals for every fire agency – regardless of the population served. One of the most vital issues in maintaining company integrity … Read More

Are Firefighting Tactics Changing?

It’s a warm summer day in 1985. You’re part of an engine company in New York City. Just before dinner, you get dispatched to a single family dwelling fire. On arrival, flames are pouring out of every window – a … Read More