Update on FireJournal Road Map

iOs 7 is coming

The evolution of FireJournal is continuing on time and schedule. As per our previous posts, PureCommand is working diligently to move FireJournal from a tool that invites first responders to learn about the potential for incident and journal management to a set of practical, affordable solutions.

FireJournal PRO is coming this fall. Fully optimized for iOS 7, FireJournal™ will deliver a complete journalling experience for first responder company commanders. Key capabilities will include:

  • Complete daily journal entries
  • Initial day starting entry, including weather, burn index, staffing, and more
  • Tags for search on any topic
  • Storage of incidents and ability to review and track incidents by type (EMS/Fire/Rescue)
  • Complete NFIRS compatibility
  • Full implementation of forms
  • Sync and manage data via the cloud

One of the most exciting capabilities for FireJournal™ users will be the new implementation of forms. The  forms provided with the app include a SCOPE fire prevention form, NFIRS Fire Form, and an ICS-214.


The great thing about forms is that you will be able to add forms. So, a complete set of ICS forms, NFIRS forms, fire prevention and other forms can be added to the system. All forms can be stored in the cloud for archive and future retrieval, as well as printing and sharing.

As per the ICS-214 shown above, the entire app has been reworked to be collaborative and compatible with iOS 7. Our research and study groups have demonstrated a high level of appreciation for the new look, and we hope you find it of value as well.

In addition to the changes noted above, the functions that relate to on-scene incident management have been pulled from FireJournal PRO and will be implemented in a completely new product line to be announced in a few weeks. I know… we’re teasing you, but it will be worth it – so stay tuned.

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