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FireJournal 2017 Road Map

One of the most important things for every FireJournal user to know is that development is an ongoing process. As a user of FireJournal, you’ll get updates every few months that not only remedy bugs, but add capabilities. Looking Forward

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Mapping Your Significant Incidents

Mapping your significant incidents could make a huge different in your historical management of incidents. Everyone is more visual today, so a map can highlight what you’ve done. Looking at your district and seeing a pin for every incident is

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We’ve Just Released FireJournal Version 2.1

PureCommand has just released FireJournal version 2.1. Every new release is designed to improve your use of the application. Often, as in this release, new functionality is provided as well. Version 2.1 now includes the ability to save incident and

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Introducing FireJournal™ Version 2.0

We’re pleased to be introducing FireJournal™ version 2.0 today. This is an important new release for users and for the Fire Journal app itself. This update is a result of some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from firefighters.

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