FireJournal 2017 Road Map

One of the most important things for every FireJournal user to know is that development is an ongoing process. As a user of FireJournal, you’ll get updates every few months that not only remedy bugs, but add capabilities.

Looking Forward

As we work to build on the existing capabilities of FireJournal, there are some key things we’re going to introduce shortly. These include:

  • FireJournal Cloud – iCloud-based functions and reporting
  • New forms (ICS and NIMS)
  • NIMS form upload capability
  • New “dashboard” for firefighters
  • Faster Performance
  • Optimized for Apple iOS 11

Each of these capabilities will enhance the overall FireJournal experience.

Perhaps the most important new capability will be connectivity to the cloud. FireJournal Cloud will be a powerful partner for FireJournal. This cloud-based management system will bring forms, data management, and reporting together.

The addition of a new dashboard will also simplify how you use FireJournal. Rather than relying solely on navigation icons or words, the new “MyShift” dashboard is a tap away.

We’re excited to be working on these new components, many of which are already in testing. Stay tuned so you can be among the first to gain access to these new functions!

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Gary Picket

Gary Picket

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