We’ve Just Released FireJournal Version 2.1

PureCommand has just released FireJournal version 2.1. Every new release is designed to improve your use of the application. Often, as in this release, new functionality is provided as well.

Version 2.1 now includes the ability to save incident and journal entries to iCloud. This is a significant update, as all of your data will now be protected.

More Tools Coming…

In the future, we’ll introduce new additional tools that operate via icloud. Knowing that your data is automatically backed will add to reliability. The backup process is automatic, so you don’t need to do anything. If you lose your data and/or the app, ensure FireJournal is installed on your device. Within a minute or two, your data should appear automatically. To learn more about this, visit our FAQ section of the website.

Don’t forget to review FireJournal in the app store. Even better, reach out to us and let us know about your experiences. FireJournal is designed to be a useful tool for any firefighter.

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Gary Picket

Gary Picket

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