NFPA Webinars Boost Firefighter Training Capabilities

Users of FireJournal are adding content from NFPA Webinars to boost their overall readiness, while also creating a history of the events they’ve attended. The NFPA offers a wide range of webinars every year. These range from code-based issues to best practices in the field.

If you’re using FireJournal, simply create either a private journal entry or a general journal in the “members” category. Create a tag of NFPA Webinar, or something similar, and tag each journal entry that related to a webinar. One thing that is often missed is that tags can make tracking your work that much easier over time.

The NFPA is also interested in best practices related to technology. Your use of FireJournal may impact how the NFPA shares information in the future. Don’t be shy about sharing your experiences, either. We’re always ready to hear from you. Just check in with our support folks to share your impressions.

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Gary Picket

Gary Picket

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