Mapping Your Significant Incidents

Mapping your significant incidents could make a huge different in your historical management of incidents. Everyone is more visual today, so a map can highlight what you’ve done. Looking at your district and seeing a pin for every incident is … Read More

We’ve Just Released FireJournal Version 2.1

PureCommand has just released FireJournal version 2.1. Every new release is designed to improve your use of the application. Often, as in this release, new functionality is provided as well. Version 2.1 now includes the ability to save incident and … Read More

Three Reasons FireJournal is Ideal for Any Firefighter

There are three reasons FireJournal is ideal for any firefighter in today’s complex world. Unlike a typical nine to five job, every firefighter is accountable for their time and actions. In the event of a fire wherein someone is injured … Read More

Introducing FireJournal™ Version 2.0

We’re pleased to be introducing FireJournal™ version 2.0 today. This is an important new release for users and for the Fire Journal app itself. This update is a result of some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from firefighters. … Read More

NFPA Webinars Boost Firefighter Training Capabilities

Users of FireJournal are adding content from NFPA Webinars to boost their overall readiness, while also creating a history of the events they’ve attended. The NFPA offers a wide range of webinars every year. These range from code-based issues to … Read More

A New Personal Journal Option is Available

We’ve added a new personal journal to Fire Journal. As an active member of the fire service, you’re likely to experience things that are memorable, for any number of reasons. Your fire department will likely require you to track, report, … Read More

Why Accountability Matters

Every fire department is being tasked with increased accountability. Not only does this relate to the time a Fire Chief and his administrative team spend on documentation, but it adds additional work at the station level. Fire officers are spending … Read More

Great Comments: Improvements for FireJournal™

A big shout out to the fire officers from across the U.S. (and a few in international space, too) that have been sharing their thoughts on improvements to FireJournal™. The entire version 1.X version is designed to be used, enjoyed, … Read More

Great Things Happening in 2016 with PureCommand

Happy New Year! On behalf of the entire team at PureCommand, we hope the coming year is filled with good adventures, safe outcomes, and terrific personal and professional growth. We’ve never been so busy, and there are a lot of … Read More

Settings in FireJournal™

Once you’ve downloaded FireJournal™, one of the first things you’ll want to do is set it up for your fire department. FireJournal™ comes with an example set of data representing a larger metro department. Simply select the Settings Menu, then … Read More