PureCommand Announces a New Website Environment

PureCommand is pleased to announce a new website environment for Fire Journal and Fire Journal Membership. The new website has been designed to more completely explain how Fire Journal works, and provides easy access to customer support and frequently asked questions. 
The new website is much faster to use, and is fully responsive, meaning you can use it equally well on a smartphone or a web browser. 
One of the benefits for users of Fire Journal is the 24/7 access to online customer support. You may open a support ticket at any time, and track any problems you’ve been having. We’re pleased that as of the first of this month, on average one in 99 users ever has a customer support issue, and 100% of all reported issues have been promptly resolved. The website also makes it easier to follow the Fire Journal ecosystem – meaning you start by downloading a FREE copy of Fire Journal, get updated information on how the application can best be utilized, and then be introduced to Fire Journal Membership. All of the various methods of integration and support are included in the new website as well.

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David Barrett

David Barrett

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