New version 4.3.2 Released

We’re pleased to introduce a new version of Fire Journal. This version includes some new capabilities, including managing fire apparatus in your fire station. When you start each new shift, you can determine the status of the fire apparatus assigned to your station. Front line, reserve, or out of service are options you may apply with a simple tap. 
Each journal entry includes a listing of your resources, incident address, lititude and longitude. It also allows you to note the senior office on scene (or the IC, as appropriate). This makes tracking past incidents easier. 
We’ve also updated the maps section. There is a new legend and you can easily click on your location, either to center the map on the incident, or to center it on your fire station. 
There are some additional updates, including an update to the smoke alarm inspection form, the addition of a manufacturer year for fire station resources (apparatus), the new dark mode as implemented in Apple’s iOS 13.

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David Barrett

David Barrett

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