Introducing Fire Journal 4.0

PureCommand is pleased to announce the availability of Fire Journal 4.0. This FREE iOS application is available today via the Apple App Store.

Fire Journal is a totally new way to look at managing a fire station, or even a personal fire service career. It’s been developed over time with ongoing input from active firefighters in both career and volunteer fire departments.

What’s new in Fire Journal 4.0?

Everything. We’ve re-written core code for the app so that it runs faster, is more reliable, connects better to the Cloud, and shares mission critical data in the background – you don’t need to do a thing.

Perhaps most importantly, Fire Journal 4.0 is now fully compatible with the Apple iPhone. Originally designed as an iPad specific application, this new release is called a “universal” application. That means you may install it on your iPhone, your iPad, or both! Not only will it run on both devices, but it will sync between them as well. Enter incident basics into your iPhone in the field, and when you open your iPad back in the station, the incident information you entered will be there, waiting for you to complete your entry.

The interface has been redesigned as well. Using Fire Journal doesn’t require a user guide, but we have lots of help available just in case you would like a helping hand. In fact, Fire Journal may include one of the best customer support mechanisms available for any iOS application. Available both directly from within the app and within the website, 24/7 web-based support is available. You may access our Frequently Asked Questions at any time, and when you complete a support ticket, it’s seen by a human – and that human will follow up to ensure you get the support you need.

So, check it out. Download your free copy today. Then, tell us what you think. This is just the beginning, and we’re eager to hear how we can make this remarkable iOS application better each and every month moving forward.

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Gary Picket

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