Tracking Training Using FireJournal

FireJournal is an excellent tool for tracking your training activities. While training takes place in every fire department, how that training is managed and tracked varies by department and/or community.

Unless there is a test related to a certificate, or there are training hours to be established, often training results are limited to verbal comments from the training officer or fire station skipper. Using FireJournal, a more complete assessment of every training session may be kept. And, in cases where a training session is journalized, FireJournal creates a new and powerful way to manage that training journal entry.

The Old Way to Journalize A Drill

Consider a typical handwritten journal entry. It might look like this:

Rookie Firefighter Smith completed his SCBA presentation today. He was confident, shared his experience with his breather, demonstrated how to suit up, manage his face piece, communicate, establish his airflow, and all related activities, up to and including explaining how each alarm works and its purpose. Finally, as a bonus, firefighter Smith demonstrated how to share his breather with another downed firefighter. His expertise at using this most basic lifesaving and essential firefighting support system was highly rated by every member.”

It’s a fairly complete training journal entry.

Digital Journal Entries

Now, imagine it as a FireJournal entry.

The process is the same at first, but there are a host of new elements that make the journaling experience far more productive.


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Gary Picket

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