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As a firefighter, you know the importance of metrics. For our shop, getting proper feedback is an essential part of the FireJournal development process. Therefore, we invite you take the FireJournal survey. It’s free, there are prizes, and it will help us create better software for you: firefighters.

Take the Survey!

One of the best things about FireJournal is that it’s been developed with a lot of firefighter input, including both career and volunteer members. This is our latest and most important survey to-date, and we’re grateful that you’re considering spending a little bit of your valuable time with us.
This survey should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.
To get started, just click here: SURVEY!
Our surveys are designed strictly to assist us in developing higher quality software. They’re fast. Easy. You have our thanks if you participate
Remember, to learn more about the app, visit our FAQ.

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Gary Picket

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