iOS 7 – Camera and Photos

The camera in your iPhone or iPad isn’t too shabby. And the word on the street is that new models from Apple will be even snazzier. But it’s the software that makes the magic happen, and iOS 7 is a big step forward.

Now, you have your choice of multiple formats. Use stills when you first get on scene at an incident. Shoot some video of your crew at work. Once you get a knock down, use the panorama option to create a 360-degree view of the incident. If it’s dark or bright, new filters will help you get the most out of the imagery you’re capturing.

The Photos function within iOS 7 is also improved. Now, using Collections, you can create specific sets of media related to any activity. So, respond to a structure fire and you’ll have a “Collection” – a grouping of photos and video from that specific incident. Go to a retirement party and that too becomes a “collection” of images.

Using iCloud, you can rapidly create a collection that is shared with others using iOS devices. They in turn can post their own photos to the same collection, and everyone gets to see the same suite of media, all under the same roof – so to speak.

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