Facebook Can Bite. Use Caution.


The lines often blur between professional and personal behavior when using social media Fire firefighters in Washington DC found out the hard way after one of them posted an image that was critical of D.C. police – and four other members commented.

A DC police officer wrote a traffic ticket for a <a href="http://www cialis in der apotheke.fireengineering.com/topics/firefighter.htm”>firefighter, and following that citation, the firefighter took a picture of the officer walking toward his cruiser and posted it on his Facebook page with a comment to the effect of “This is why we should be careful and take our time getting to incident scenes.”

DC Fire and Rescue is initiating an investigation into the allegations, and even the Fire Chief is involved. So, as we all look to the issues of social media and how they can affect our workplace, be advised – you’re being seen, if not watched.

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Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

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