New Version 1.1 of FireJournal LITE Released

FireJournal from PureCommand

We’re pleased to announce that a maintenance release of FireJournal has been released. This new version fixes two small bugs, and updates the new user registration process. Overall, as our users have told us, the application is solid, and there are less than a handful of support tickets to-date, with nearly a thousand users in just the first few weeks of release.

One issue that is important to note is orientation for managing data. Based on fire officer feedback, we determined that in the lite version, we would limit user orientation to the portrait layout. The landscape (horizontal) layout would require more hand/finger movement to get to the proper fields for data entry – and firefighters should not have to do too many things manually when time and situational awareness are so essential.

We’ll be sharing more about the roadmap for FireJournal in the coming week or two.

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Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

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