Getting Assistance When You Need It

If you’re experiencing any issues with FireJournal, there are a number of options available to you relative to help and support.

If you experience a failure of any type, we suggest you access our online help system.

You can reach our help system via the web at:

When you access the page, you’ll be able to enter your name, information, and the specific failure you’re experiencing. You may add a photo or media to your support ticket.

When you use the support ticket function, our engineering team will be notified immediately. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours, but often within minutes.

If you need help using the application, there is a built-in HELP function within FireJournal. Tap on the Info button and you’ll see the help button. NOTE: This is a fairly standard location for help in iOS apps, but we’re going to move the help button to a more visible spot in a future release.

The help button will direct you to the online help system in PureCommand:

There is a directory of help topics that you may review.

We also have a FAQ section for your review:

All of these services fall under our overall support functionality:

We’ll be adding some user instruction videos once our next release is available (very soon).

You may also send us an email: info @ purecommand dot com.

Your experience using FireJournal is very important to us. The current release is 1.0, and we’re very pleased with the strong positive comments so many users are providing. A few of you have experienced some difficulties, and we want to ensure you get the best possible support.

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