The New iOS 6 May Boost Your Productivity

EMS and Fire will benefit from iOS 6

As Apple’s latest mobile operating system is downloaded by millions, understanding why this is a good thing is a reasonable question to ask. Some people are of the opinion that if Apple updated everyone to a blank screen with zero functionality, millions of fans would still do the sheepish thing and click “download now.” But… not so fast.

With only a few hours of public use under its belt, iOS 6 is already proving to be both stable and a big improvement over the previous release. What makes this new OS introduction so valuable is the practical upgrades that have been implemented. The result? You can be more productive with your use of mobile tech – and that really should be the bottom line for any software solution. Here are a few ways in which iOS 6 improves upon its now aged (one year!) predecessor:

1. The VIP inbox
The most common use of a mobile operating system is not making calls – it’s texting and email. Apple has added a VIP inbox to its mail app, and what a great idea that is proving to be.

Simply add a contact to the VIP list, and anything related to that contact will be filtered and promoted via the VIP list. Think of it as a most important inbox option. So, email from those most important to you will be easily recognized and managed. You can add a contact manually, or you can tap any sender’s name and then choose “add to VIP.” Easy. Cool, too.

2. A smarter Reminders app
Now, the Reminders app makes sense. It could still do more, but it is usable now, and that makes it an improvement in our ability to manage time and tasks. In fact, some of the most important improvements relate to prioritizing tasks, rearranging them, and setting tasks that repeat.

My favorite improvement is getting a ping reminder when I arrive or depart any location, not just those from my contacts list. So, when I get to the Amtrak station, iOS 6 reminds me to call the office before I get on board.

Reminders also syncs with iCloud. Anything that syncs with iCloud is a good thing. And, it’s a bi-directional sync, too. As a result, you can add tasks either when signed into iCloud, or when using your phone. Logical. Super cool as well.

3. Siri-powered Facebook and Twitter updates
Despite the stock price, Facebook is used by millions on a daily (hourly, even!) basis. Twitter is the new public broadcasting system from you and me, as long as we keep it short and sweet. So, doesn’t it make sense to use Siri to get it done?

Now, you can create tweets and FB updates using your voice – and Siri. No more tapping things onto a keyboard while driving (and ultimately crashing) your vehicle. It’s as simple as telling Siri that you want to “update Facebook,”or, “update Twitter.” Important. A potential life saver as well.

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