The Free and the Fee

The iPad Command Journal app is nearly ready for release!

We’ve begun our initial Beta Testing for the first release of Command Journal. This version will be a FREE edition, available via the app store in iTunes. We’re really excited to get this new edition into your hands ASAP, but we also want to ensure that it’s both easy to use and useful. So far, it is looking good!

The free version is designed as a personal app. That means it’s designed for a single iPad. You may have multiple users, so if you are a Captain in a single engine fire station, your relief officer(s) could use the app as well, if you so desired.

The core components are as described in the website, and we’ll talk more about uses in the coming few weeks. Essentially, you’ll be able to track incident data, take notes and/or create important timestamps during an incident, and create a complete NFIRS compatible report. You can then email the report to anyone who should receive it.

In early testing, one repeated use is note taking during an incident. For a busy fire station, the potential for running on multiple calls is substantial. Using Command Journal, an officer can add the incident, and take key notes while on-scene. Then, once he/she returns to quarters, filling in details and completing a full report becomes easier.

The PAID version of Command Journal will include more capabilities, including the ability to add photos, video, or voice recording of an incident. You may then attach the media you capture to the incident report. The PAID version also includes the ability to upgrade to a multi-user database model with groups and CAD support. Incident data can be pushed from your department’s CAD to Command Journal. You will be able to create groups (think a Battalion), and share information within the group. A first-due company could create a size-up and share it with incoming companies or officers.

Sound useful? We think it’s really terrific. We hope you do, too.

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