Is Your Agency Ready for Severe Weather?

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No matter your perspective on why, we’re encountering more severe weather than in years past. These issues are affecting us in a variety of ways, but the baseline for readiness must remain constant – bad things will eventually happen, and as incident command officers, there is no substitute for readiness.

This week (April 22-28) has been designated by FEMA and the National Weather ServiceNational Severe Weather Preparedness Week“. It occurs one year following of this country’s worst tornado outbreak on record: April 25-28, 2011.

The 2011 tornado season was deadly. FEMA recorded  551 deaths across the United States, making it the country’s fourth mostly deadly year from tornadoes since official records were initiated. Last year’s totals were equal to the previous ten years combined.

2011 was not just deadly, but remarkable for severe weather statistics. 343 twisters touched down between April 25 and 28, setting a new record for the largest number of twisters to occur during a single wave/outbreak. On April 27, 199 tornadoes were logged in a 22 hour period. 316 people were killed in that time period. April, 2011’s total tally of 751 U.S. tornadoes surpassed the previous monthly record of 542 recorded in May of 2003.

the aftermath of a killer tornado

The gargantuan Joplin, Mo., tornado on May 22, 2011, was the deadliest single twister to set down in the U.S. since 1947; the seventh on record and the costliest single tornado to strike the United States – ever.

During this important week, consider becoming a Force of Nature. Consider developing a family communication plan. Consider becoming more in touch with the latest weather forecasts, to acquire a NOAA weather radio, which can be programmed to automatically turn on in the middle of the night if a warning is issued for your area. Consider discussing the issues of severe weather with your peers, family, and neighbors.

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