Updated iPad App Development

Coming soon: FREE Command Journal iPad application for first responders

The Command Journal iPad application has been updated to support the protocol set forth by NFIRS 5.0 specification. This addition will enable appropriate addition of data either while on-scene or when back in quarters.

The iPad app is designed to assist first responders with the gathering of data at any type of emergency incident, including video, photographs, and audio. An officer may record his voice or interview witnesses, add photos or video taken with his iPad or imported from others, and track all of the key issues required by NFIRS Form 1-Basic.

Command Journal iPad application from PureCommand

The application is designed to promote ease of use, and does not require extensive typed in data to function. Only those categories that are needed need be implemented while on-scene.

PureCommand will issue some important news regarding Command Journal in early May. Stay tuned for additional information.

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