Getting Started with ICS 100

FEMA offers a series of online courses in Incident Command. If you’re in the fire or emergency services business, you’ve probably already completed a series of ICS education programs. If you’re new to ICS, then get ready to rev up your learning management system (LMS):

The first course we’d suggest you take is IS-100b from FEMA. This is an update from the previous IS-100a course. It includes new material, lessons learned, and is fully NIMS compliant. The great news is that this is an independent study program course – take it at home, at work, or whenever you have allocated time.

FEMA’s training courses are pretty robust, including interactive course materials, downloadable content, plus an online final exam. There are even continuing education units available (check with each course for numeric value).

If you’re interested in learning about ICS, this is the perfect way to get started.

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Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

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