Fire Journal Updates

Curious to know where Fire Journal is headed?

Fire Journal Roadmap

One of the most important functions for any software solution is to know where you’re going. Fire Journal has been developed to move the fire service forward. To do that, input from those first responders who need the critical information provided by Fire Journal must be our partner architects.

We’ve received hundreds of comments and suggestions about what fire officers need when managing a fire station, or archiving incident and member histories and events. Those comments have resulted in Version 4.5 of Fire Journal.

The road doesn’t stop now that Version 4.5 has been released. Now, we need a bigger, faster roadmap – as the functions in development for Fire Journal increase in importance and mission critical results.

Have an idea for Fire Journal?

If you have an idea, we’d love to hear from you.

Take a peek at our 2020/2021 Roadmap

On Release of Version 4.5 (Public Beta) –
  • Promote our latest Fire Journal Officer survey
  • Add to our FAQs, as appropriate
  • Provide quality support to those who request it
  • Gather input and suggestions
Third Quarter of 2020 – (Scheduled Release of Version 4.7)
  • Support for iOS 14 and iPad OS 14
  • Publish new video tutorials
  • Expand platoon shift calendar and member management
  • Add photo capture and tracking capability
  • Expand NIMS and related ICS forms in Fire Journal Membership
  • Expanded reporting capabilities in Fire Journal Membership
  • Add additional value to Fire Journal members
Fourth Quarter of 2020 – (Scheduled Release of Version 4.9)
  • Add expanded search capabilities
  • Add Division and Battalion Management for small agencies
  • Add Peer to Peer secure text and data sharing
  • Add expanded mapping capabilities in Fire Journal (mobile)
  • Introduce a new Fire Officer Survey
  • Preview an Arson Module for investigators (investigate every fire)
  • Introduce a B2B Fire Journal Command Solution
  • Add Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Add new reporting capabilities to both B2B and individual licenses
  • Expand CAD capabilities to new CAD vendors (via APIs)
  • Add heat maps to response areas, highlighting critical incident information
  • Add new map types, including ESRI (via client subscription)
Second Quarter of 2021 – (Scheduled Release of Version 5.0)
  • Release Arson Module
  • Preview Inspector Module
  • Add advanced drawing capabilities
  • Add import of multiple file types to journal entries and incidents
  • Import radio traffic recordings to incident and journal entries
  • Introduce a 2020 Fire Officer Survery

Our roadmap is designed to give you a preview of the direction we believe Fire Journal and Fire Journal Membership can go. As smaller departments gain experience with Fire Journal, new capabilities and a B2B Fire Journal Command Solution will bring larger metro departments on board. 

The actual introduction of new components, support, and training depends in part on you. User results, use of Fire Journal, input, and suggestions will help ensure that the actual roadmap provides value and improved functionality and community benefit. 

PureCommand reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any proposed future capability or deliverable without notice and at no time will PureCommand be liable for any change in functions, services, or resources. For additional information, please refer to our Terms of Service.